THE BEGINNING: Redefining Creative Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship in today’s world has becoming an emerging trend. Educated people are racing to establish startup companies, employed people are eager to save enough money to establish their own brick-and-mortar business for early retirement, and so on. It has been seen as a brilliant way to be independent, but also a daring adventure that involves taking risks and struggling for survival in order to manage a stable income. Entrepreneurship is a grandeur idea to some, a dynamic milieu, with pits and falls in every checkpoint.

But when given the term “creative entrepreneurs”, what would you imagine? A soulful, passionate scene of entrepreneurship? A prolific artist? Or perhaps, a proficient writer? No, creative entrepreneurship is not necessarily a soulful scene.

Very often, creative entrepreneurs are defined as investors in talent. What differentiates them from the typical business entrepreneurs is that this particular concept of entrepreneurship emphasizes more on utilizing the talents, whether their own or others, in creative industries, with the use of technology. Not only about solving a problem or making a profit, but exploiting their creative skills and ideas using available resources, that is, technology. John Hawkins‘ idea was that a creative Entrepreneur should be able to turn ideas into money using the right resources.

an entrepreneur and technology

Photo © Brad Montgomery

Amidst this era of globalization,  self-employment rate has become crucial within the society. Many articles have shown that entrepreneurship is the exit door to the unemployed, especially the youth. Whether people see globalization as a threat or an opportunity, at the very least, it has widened our options to solve one of the world’s biggest problem. Now is the time where the youth should have been switching their mind off the old ways, from “looking for jobs” to “looking for business opportunity” right after they finished college.

Yes, there is always an opportunity to break through the boundaries within the advanced era of technology.  What do you need to know? Google it. Where do you want to go? GPS. How to make a great presentation? Prezi. We are completely equipped with tools that make us skilled even with having no skill. Everything now is just as simple as we could never imagine then. So forget about the old ways and suit yourself to digital — we have a lot of shortcuts of doing things and creative entrepreneurs are meant to make the most of this opportunities. The key is knowing the right technology and the right resources, and this blog will show you those ways.

So look around and think — have you got an idea in mind?

Don’t worry, the hardest part of entrepreneurship is the brainstorming stage. Picking problems, choosing ideas and directions — these are all one of the hardest battle you will ever fight within entrepreneurial journey.

This blog aims to assist you exploiting your potential, encouraging you to draw some ideas of what you can and what you need to do to be a creative entrepreneur. Let’s emphasize more on how to take actions and create an impact even when you don’t have an idea. Let’s encourage the youth, or the unemployed, or the elder people, to expose their creativity when they don’t have the creativity.

Photo © Pimthida

What will take the most important part within this whole creative entrepreneurial journey is also the right personal development and the effective action. Even when a person has a lot of ideas, when no action is taken, words are just words. In the world of entrepreneurship, a degree is less needed, but manners and emotional intelligence are essentials. A capability to conquer the life problem is also crucial in many aspects. Because eventually, creating your own entrepreneurial journey is not about your talent, it’s about setting your mindset right with determination.