SHRINKING STAGE #1: Freelancer or Entrepreneur?

Have a look at this video to find out why creative entrepreneurship is on the rise – and how to make use of it.

“My name is Christopher Brown, i am the managing director of mentorum consulting international.

15 years ago i started to see the impact of what is now become digital disruption and transformation, and I decided to move into the space of helping brands transform around the challenges and the great opportunities. I see myself as a little bit of a catalyst in this process. This let me to believe in that public sector brands that equally this need around transformation and both public sector brands and private sector brands share this common interest around the opportunities to engage with their audiences and make their brands more relevant. And that’s what i’ve been doing, that leads me most recently to work in the international institution environment for brands like The United Nations and The European Commission.

Having worked in this sphere of international institutions, I came across creative industries as a growth opportunity. We worked in this area focus on the catalyst within this creative industry that is creative entrepreneurs. Anecdotally, creative industries now represent 10% of the countries’ GDP. Last year for instance Sweden reported that creative industries is one of only 2 sectors within the economy that was growing, so the prospects in another way sluggish global economy, are huge. The main benefit to businesses in the rise of the creative entrepreneur, is that they now have unprecedented access to a global market place of creativity. Not only that they have the opportunity to bring along creatives who themselves have a following which makes it attractive to businesses. That’s the major benefit that I see. Tradtitionally, an artist who wish to commercialise their content, for example a musician, would seek a record company deal. That artist no longer needs to go down that path, there are various path ways to commercialise their content, kickstarter, crowdfunding means, and following means so they can directly commercialise their art in the market place, or do enough to be picked up by record company. And all these really mean is that this models can work together, allowing people more pathways to get involved.”


So, isn’t digital disruption interest you to make use of the opportunity?

Now before you jump into many endless possibilities within the digital world, know where to go – freelancing, or establishing a business?

A commonality between a Freelancer and an Entrepreneur is that both are self-bossy in nature. There is no one sitting on your head to judge your performance of rate you accordingly for the upcoming appraisal process in the end of the financial year and decides your growth in accordance to the rating given in the appraisal process. But there are some certain securities associated with job. Nowadays, people are reclining more towards this new self-bossy culture due to the nature of globalization – there is a freedom in setting your own time and space with development of network and technology underpinned the way cyberspace ease our life. Although it is risky and uncertain, there are several benefits associated with this trend that makes all of us stick into this pedagogy.

The self-hired job of a creative freelancer or an entrepreneur looks appealing from outside, but it takes a lot of hard work to start something on your own. A huge amount of time and efforts, when blended strategically with self-confidence, only then a person is able to become a freelancer or go for creative entrepreneurship. Till now, we have discussed both the two self-hiring and self-bossy options as similar in nature. But, to choose your career between becoming a freelancer or choosing a creative entrepreneurship, it is quite essential for you to be well aware of these two terms and the differences entailed by these two trendy jobs.

It is generally mistaken that a freelancer does a similar job to an entrepreneur. It is even more wrong to weigh a businessman and an entrepreneur in the same buckets. There are deeper meanings associated to these terms. Let’s look at these one by one and try to distinguish them in the layman language. A freelancer is the one who uses his own skills, time, efforts or services to earn money. In a nutshell, freelancers mainly work for themselves and basically do the entire task on their own. For a freelancer, there is hardly any money related risk associated, since the only job of the freelancer is to provide the services to the company that reaches out to you. These services generally include photography, website designing, application programming or content writing. As a freelancer, you don’t aim for growth – you aim for more projects to get more money.

On the other hand, entrepreneurship is all about creating something bigger than your self. Since the size of business is bigger than you, entrepreneurship is not all about you doing the work – it is about delegating tasks to other people you hire and aim for growth, profit, and impact. It involves huge financial risks associated with it, but it involves a good amount of creativity in solving problems. Bringing in a new software to the market and marketing it for good sales and working on it further for improvement analyzing the reviews and feedbacks, comes under the umbrella of entrepreneurship. Thus, this is quite evident that the concept of freelancing could not be mixed with entrepreneurship in any of the contexts, since these both terms refer to totally different meanings.

Creative Entrepreneur Suit

Photo © Elusive Muse

Now, the question arises – which one should you go for? Freelancing or entrepreneurship? Well, if you like working for people or helping them, working alone on the tasks, enjoy expressing yourself in a creative manner, got a skill you are really good at, need a flexible work schedule, then go for freelancing. And if you are willing to take risks, have the work ethics of an ox, love and enjoy meeting new people, got a diverse skill-set, got an idea which works for changing the world, then go ahead and choose entrepreneurship over anything else in this world and work your best for it. Rest, in the end, nobody could force you to do anything.

The choice is all yours!


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