PICK A PLATFORM #1: Content Writers Only

Content writing is on the rise within freelancer industry. I was there a year ago and yes, flexibility and income are much better than working in corporate. Yet in order to create a wonderful original content, you need an extra effort and tremendously good research skills, which takes ample of time to inculcate and learn in yourself. However, there are some online platforms which help in creating user-generated content (UGC) and help you in being creative in the best way possible. With some of the online help, it becomes easier for you to gain ideas and modify those ideas, as per your requirements. The efforts in such cases decrease marginally.

Writer's Block Content Writer 1

Photo © gacabo

The following are some of the platforms, which help in building dynamic content. Have a look below.

  • Candid.io

Candid is a visual commerce platform which has a focus on Instagram. It tells a brand’s story with several photos and videos which are streamed to the interactive product page.

  • Blu Carat

This application interweaves the customer-related photos as well as conversations from family, friends and like-minded shoppers and create a user generated content. The retailers can showcase the most viewed, discussed or purchased items to initiate discussion and to spur buying.

  • Janrain

This web based application curates the real-time social content, videos, photos and conversations from various social platforms and blogs. It then further extends the curated streams to different websites, mobile applications, TV and other devices.

  • Curalate

Curalate is an online platform which applies various image recognition algorithms to different social media conversations so as to bring the user-generated images from across the social web into its website page. This helps in creating shopping pages with trending and most popular content in discussions.

In addition to the above mentioned sites, there are Olapic, Piquora, ShopSocially, Shortstack, social hubb, votigo etc which provide similar services. You can use their services and for their prices, you can call them. Creativity is highly in demand, so the more creative you are, the more your services would be valued.


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