The list of projects I’ve previously managed:



2012: “Sushi Empire” Business Plan Project

An application of cloud computing technology for operation and ordering system in restaurants. Bronze Medal Award under Social Science Category at International Engineering Invention and Innovation Exhibition (I-ENVEX)



Breakfast With The Orphans

2013-2015: Annual Education Field Trip for The Orphans

An education field trip for the orphans in conjunction with Islamic month, Ramadhan. The mission is to feed the poor during the holy month while giving an extraordinary education to the orphans.

Menyapa Indonesia

2015-2017: Health Community Development at D.I. Yogyakarta

A community development project focuses on sanitation and health development as a whole part of the community. The team built designated toilets as a replace to the open defecation, and also conduct health training for the health representatives in Sebatang Village, Yogyakarta. Our project built upon fundraising through crowdfunding, donation, and selling products. The project is still ongoing to 2017, and here I’ve been involved as the chairman.



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2013-2015: I was managing several social media content, as well as company blogs for the above companies. One of them is a publishing company, where I was involved not only as a social media content manager but also the column writer. Started off as a full-time worker in 2013, I then carried on the work as a freelancer in 2015.


I did some several music covers as a hobby and another source of income. I have performed in several different concerts when I was living in Malaysia. Currently working with a Spanish guitarist, the duo is now working on our special jazz covers and looking to perform a gig in some of Melbourne’s beautiful cafes and bars.